Morning Snorkel Cruise

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Early Bird: 7am-11am (4 Hour) $1500 plus harbor fees and taxes
8 am-12pm (4 Hour) $1500 plus harbor fees and taxes

Green Sea Turtle (Honu) Fairfax Sailing, Maui
Come join us on our morning snorkel sail! We offer this private excursion with 2 different departure times. Choose the early bird departure from 7am-11am or sleep in an hour and sail from 8 am-12pm. However, we can adjust the times to fit your group’s schedule. We begin by sailing around beautiful Maalaea bay which offers steady offshore winds and calm water. We then sail over to West Maui’s breathtaking Pali cliffs and pull in along the shoreline for our own private snorkeling spot.

Tucked beneath the cliffs are large coral outcroppings that make for beautiful underwater topography and snorkeling. We have a variety of sites along this coast that are some of Maui’s premier snorkel sites, including Coral Gardens. Only accessible by boat, you and your family can get away from large crowds and enjoy the peaceful serenity of a more private and tranquil spot.

Included is a light breakfast of assorted local fruits, and muffins, followed by lunch appetizers enjoyed on board after snorkeling. One of our crew members will provide a guided tour, pointing out different fish and sea life as well as ensuring everyone is comfortable in the water. Top-quality Sea Sport snorkel gear is provided.

Non-alcoholic beverages such as water, juices, and sodas are provided but you are also welcome to bring alcohol on board. We have all the appropriate glassware for serving.

We welcome parties of up to six passengers. Family trips or special events, such as bachelorette parties and perfect proposals. Bring your loved ones sailing on your own boat with the help of two crew.

This personal experience is the best way to see Maui and enjoy yourself on your vacation!